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Welcome to a world of fun

An extract from a Dark Age of Camelot message regarding recent changes:

"Savages will no longer be able to resist their self parry buff (Nails of Kelgor line).

The Purge realm ability is now properly available to Necromancers.

All Savages now are properly awarded Ignore Laceration at L48 Savagery.

Necro pets now only get item resistance bonuses from their controller (previously resistance bonuses from buffs were being passed down as well, allowing double effects).

The monsters that have taken control of Grallarhorn Faste on Gaheris have become stronger.

The "Famine" one-time drop is now do-able by necromancers.

The encounters at Hildskialf Faste, Bledmeer Faste and Nottmoor Faste have had their difficulty increased."

I have had all of the following reactions: * They're sure doing a lot of tweaking over at DAoC. * I can't believe I almost understand this. * This is GREAT free association poetry. Someone should put this to music. * Now I remember why I don't play MMORPGs.

I have briefly considered writing a little program that generates this kind of text.

(Thanks, Tobe!)