Monthly Archives February 2003

Game boy grows up

Here‘s a first look at an actual Game Boy Advance SP. (Thanks, Tobe.)

None of the above

Does gaming rot minds? Does it improve hand-eye coordination? Does it make you anti-social and dangerous? Does it make you go blind? Should you not ask the question, just read the box before you buy it? Here‘s a different and interesting view. Professor Talmadge Wright and colleagues at Loyola University, Chicago have examined the social […]

No? Really

The jury’s out on whether that Sony ad is a hoax or not.

Say no to war

This article talks about a wonderful ad for the Sony PlayStation 2, which you can download here (1.87 Mb). (Thanks, Tom!)

Employee retention strategies

Q: What kind of company was Perfect Entertainment? A: Perfect was the kind of place where you would sometimes go to the pub for lunch and wake up the following morning in a field with a hangover and a traffic cone. (From this interview with Chris Bateman, writer and designer on Discworld Noir, among others.)

Disaster report

Here‘s a review of Disaster Report, a very original survival horror (?) game, placing you in the middle of a city during an earthquake. It sounds well-executed.


“The first notes in the longest and slowest piece of music in history, designed to go on for 639 years, are being played on a German church organ on Wednesday.” C’mon people, get those minds stretching. (From Dave Barry’s blog.)

Narrative games

I’ve just received the February 2003 issue of Game Developer magazine. The soapbox article is called “Narrative Games: Finding Another Side to the Story”, and it’s written by Heather Kelley, who works on Thief 3 at Ion Storm Austin. It argues that narrative games are important (compared to non-narrative games), and lists a number of […]

Shooting fish in a barrel with a +15 shotgun

How to Survive in Any RPG, on, cruelly tears into role-playing game clichés, occasionally employing naughty words. “Upon beginning your quest, you’ll likely find yourself in a quaint town full of people who love it when you casually saunter into their bedroom and start looking through their shelves for items you can steal. Sure […]

Hitting a moving target

This article talks about the problem of game performance in the vast wasteland of PC configurations. It’s been a big problem for a long time now – for how much longer?