Monthly Archives February 2003

Sir yes sir

USA Today has an article on DigiPen, one of the best-known computer game schools in the US. It’s hard to get your press more mainstream than USA Today, so don’t expect incredibly deep insights. But it’s interesting to see that this shows up on their radar, and how they report on both the school and […]

Region locking under fire

A court case taken by Sony against an Australian man for providing and installing mod chips has backfired spectacularly on the company, with the company not only losing its case but also triggering another probe into the legality of its region protection system for software. Read the rest here. I can understand that companies want […]

Innovative PR

“Primal Art is an exciting initiative from Sony Computer Entertainment UK and the ICA, offering an intriguing insight into the world of contemporary art and its impact on video games. Modern video games demonstrate unprecedented levels of sophistication and creativity. The creation of the richly inventive imagery in today’s high-tech games involves a mix of […]

Innovative input

“Konami has released the first screenshots from Boktai, the Hideo Kojima-designed RPG formerly known as My Sun. Very few gameplay details have been released at this time, but we do know that the game cartridge will incorporate some kind of sunlight sensor that will affect the gameplay depending on how well lit the player’s surroundings […]


This interview with Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin explains why Jak has no voice.

Warren Spector on Deus Ex

Last week, Gamespy did an interview with Warren Spector on Deus Ex: Invisible War. “GameSpy: Games are becoming harder and harder to pigeonhole into genres, and Deus Ex leads the pack. Do you think it’ll become necessary to create entirely new ways to classify games? Spector: I think from a development standpoint, categorizing games… who […]

Storm on the horizon

There’s a new preview of Deus Ex: Invisible War on Gamespot. “The new interface better suits the premise and looks like a display imprinted on the character’s retina–status displays.” I’m glad about this: the little mechanical arms of the interface elements in DX1 always kind of bothered me.

The long view

Go here and search for ‘war sims’. It is on Jorn Barger’s Robot Wisdom site – one of the most impressive websites I know of. It is a timeline of war simulations and war games, starting very, very long ago: “The history of knowledge-representation is probably reflected best in the evolution of military simulations. Fighting, […]


Codemasters introduces fast-track career development and training initiative. I think this is really smart – both to have an HR / training strategy, and to announce it. “Says Stephen Harrison-Mirfield, Codemasters’ Group HR Manager: “With the implementation of the fast-track programme, we believe this is the first time a company in the games industry has […]

No deep thought

“Let’s face it. The real problem with massively multiplayer online RPGs is the people who play them. Nobody actually roleplays. People just run everywhere screaming in poor English about how they set their pets on fire.” And other surreal observations.