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Liquid narrative

"BBC is running a story on how US scientists are working on improving AI - with potential benefits for coming games. The system, called Liquid Narrative, allows to avoid scripted storylines, and finally gives us, the gamers, full freedom to do whatever we want to do. R. Michael Young, the project coordinator, says: 'Game companies are realising that story telling has a lot of potential that has not been tapped yet.'"

The BBC story, or rather, perhaps, what the head of the Liquid Narrative Group is saying, is remarkably accurate:

"By limiting what players can do, game makers keep their story on track but this can make players feel like extras rather than the star of the unfolding drama."

I am not surprised that some heavy AI is involved - too heavy for most game developers perhaps. It's going to be interesting to see if the final experience is going to be both fun and dramatically coherent.

Links: The BBC Story. Liquid Narrative.

(From Slashdot, by way of Kent Quirk.)