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Innovative PR

"Primal Art is an exciting initiative from Sony Computer Entertainment UK and the ICA, offering an intriguing insight into the world of contemporary art and its impact on video games.

Modern video games demonstrate unprecedented levels of sophistication and creativity. The creation of the richly inventive imagery in today's high-tech games involves a mix of traditional skills and advanced techniques. Primal Art aims to demystify this unique creative vocation with a schedule of fascinating public seminars, and to highlight the "state of the art" with an attention-grabbing exhibition of related work.

Seminars will be taking place throughout the event where visitors will be able to hear interesting talks from the artists and designers behind some of the UK's top video games.

A special public exhibition during Primal Art will show off original artwork from the Primal project, together with pieces from students at top UK universities and submissions from the general public. A panel of expert judges will award a prize for the best work at the event."

Talk about asset re-use.