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Gamespot reviews Unreal 2

Read it here. Highlights:

Uh-oh: "Between each of the missions, however, there's usually a largely pointless intermission level in which you walk around your ship and talk to your crew. Presumably, this is supposed get you more involved in the plot, but the dialogue is bad enough that it'll just make you anxious for the game to get on with itself. Every conversation in the Unreal universe is an exchange of the worst type of sarcastic, tiny-cigar-chomping action-movie one-liners ("Go to hell, Dalton!" "I'm already there, toots!"). That is, until it comes time for each character to reveal his or her dark secret."

I know some of the developers, and they're smart people. It'd be interesting to find out what happened here (if anything: this is only one review).

Soundbite: "Even the cutscenes have cutscenes."

Part of DirectX 10: "[There's] the inevitable H.R. Giger-inspired biomechanical alien hive."

Clear signs the industry is going to hell: "Every couple of months there's a new winner in the competition to present the best flame effects, and this month we're proud to give the prize to Unreal II."

"Unreal II features the best-looking terrified scientists of any shooter to date."