Monthly Archives January 2003

EA Sports

There’s an article on EA Sports in the January 2003 issue of Wired magazine. There’s a little side bar that you (or, at least, I) cannot find online but is in the print version. In other words, I effectively paid over $10 for this little bit of information. It contains a pie chart showing how […]

The 400 Project online

Noah Falstein has added a section about the 400 Project to his website. But this post is not about this important project to codify design knowledge. This is about my name being mentioned in one (long) breath with Mark Barrett, Hal Barwood, Greg Costikyan, Noah Falstein, Dave Grossman, Sid Meier and Teut Weidemann, which is […]

Collaborative filtering to encourage roleplaying in MMOs

So first I read “The Music Business and the Big Flip” by Clay Shirky, about how collaborative filtering could transform the music industry. (Read his other articles if you haven’t, they’re excellent.) Then I read: UNDERLIGHT SHOWS OFF THEIR PERSONALITY Lyra Studios introduces the New Personality Point System. This could be one of the single […]

Neo Software becomes Rockstar Vienna

Last Thursday, exactly at midnight, Neo Software, one of the oldest game development companies in Austria and certainly the biggest in Vienna, changed their name to Rockstar Vienna. The fact that Neo was bought by Take Two Interactive in February of 2001 – almost two years ago – was not very well-known outside of Austria, […]

A new blog, an old question

Greg Costikyan has just started a blog called Games * Design * Art * Culture. This is good news because it’s been a while since I last read any essays by him, and he always has something interesting to say. It’s also good news because it will give me a little more motivation to work […]