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Game articles in Wired magazine

My opinion of Wired magazine has changed over the years. I liked it, I hated it, then I liked it once more. I think I'm on the way down again.

Today I found this article, which includes little gems like:

Games have evolved from the one-problem, one-solution format, where players had to figure out what the programmer was thinking. Richard Garriott changed that with the 1997 release of Ultima Online. Get locked in a room? No problem. Unscrew the hinges or kick down the door.

What, Ultima Online invented multiple solutions to problems? Sheesh. Or how about this?

The programmers at id Software are developing a physics engine that will create real-time shadows for Doom III, the latest version of the popular first-person shooter franchise.

No comment.

The merging of big-budget moviemaking techniques and game development is interesting, and there are many things we can use to make better games, but this article is just painful to read.