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Bookmarks for February 11th through February 13th

These are my links for February 11th through February 13th: Coffee Buzz: What we learnt about the iPhone Application Business – Not super deep, but interesting. Mindfuck Movies by Matthew Baldwin – Via Jason Kottke. I love movies like this. Kzero chart showing virtual worlds by category – Q1 2009 – Nice chart.

I have a new job

In fact, I’ve had a new job since November 1st, but I’ve been quite busy and it’s taken me a while to find out what I can mention on my blog. I am working as a producer at 10tacle Vienna, where I am working on a multi-user 3D online world developed in cooperation with MTV […]

More about 4mm Games, Jamie King’s new company

Way back in June I wrote something about how Jamie King, co-founder & former VP of Development of Rockstar Games, started a new company called 4mm Games. It turns out a shady rumor blog linked to me and added a little additional information: We hear… that Jamie King, the not-so recently departed co-founder of Rockstar […]