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Beyond Good and Evil 2: The Horror

Behold the teaser trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2: On the one hand, I loved BGE and I am glad to hear there will be a sequel. On the other hand, Uncle Pey’j looks disturbing, like on of those creepy pictures where Mario looks like a real human being. And the way he lasciviously […]

Ubisoft Threatens Something Awful Over Jade Comic

Ubisoft Threatens Something Awful Over Jade Comic. I’ve seen the comic in question, and it is bad. Not cool bad, or legendarily bad: small-minded 14-year-old bad. It’s not only pornographic and insulting: it’s unfunny. Don’t expend the effort to try and find it. Although I am not sure whether they are suing the right person, […]

Game development areas

Clint Hocking wrote a blog post about the number of developers in Montreal, and several people have commented with info about other geographical areas. My guess is there’s between 100 and 200 professional game developers in Vienna, if not all of Austria – I only know of a handful of companies outside of Vienna. In […]