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Bookmarks for January 12th from 04:49 to 11:55

These are my links for January 12th from 04:49 to 11:55: Creepy electropop video – 'If I Had A Heart', by The Knife. Very nice music video. Genre, give up your secrets! – James Henry on why a lot of genre TV in the UK is crap. Nice if you're interested in writing genre or […]

Dedicated to the Welsh

I don’t post for weeks and what do you get? A music video. What can I say, I am a sucker for dance videos.Utah Saints, Something Good 2008 Remix from Jason Fields on Vimeo.And here it is on YouTube. It is a remix of Utah Saints’ Something Good, by the way.(Via Kottke.)

A little musical fun

If you’re under 30 you may not get this. (Via Scalzi.)