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Game Focus Germany 2008: My impressions

Here are my impressions of the talks I saw at Game Focus Germany: Greg Costikyan, “The Independent Developer Shall Rise Again”. I could not have asked for a better keynote. My secret theme for the conference was “Thinking outside of the box of the core games industry”, i.e. outside of multi-million PC / console projects […]

Back from Hannover

I am back from Hannover. It was very cool. More later: I need to decompress / recover sleep / deal with my cold.

Game Focus Germany 2008

So now I can say what that milestone I mentioned earlier was: The conference schedule for Game Focus Germany 2008 in Hannover had finally been locked down. GFG is a conference for German developers and publishers, now in its second year. I got the job of finding international speakers through ML Enterprises, so since late […]