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Bookmarks for January 19th through February 3rd

These are my links for January 19th through February 3rd: Why is the game industry using C/C++? – Good point made here. The 'core' games industry uses heavy, old-fashioned technology such as C++. Development could be a lot more agile (not in the Scrum sense per se). Why Game Developers Are Screwed – Rampant Coyote […]

Surreal Game Design: a group blog on game design

Surreal Game Design is a group blog on game design by the designers – all 17 of them! – at Surreal Software in Seattle. They make me feel inadequate by writing lots of great articles about professional game design, but then again, they’re 17 and I am just by myself. Also, I need a lot […]

Complete, produced game design documents

A friend of mine just asked me if I had any complete game design documents of released games lying around. Since I happened to know of a few, and this is not the first time I get asked this question, I figured I might as well turn the answer into a blog post.