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My observations on Watchmen (the movie)

You know, for what it’s worth. It’s one of those movies where if I hadn’t seen it, I’d have wondered if it was any good. Now I know. I was constantly comparing it to the comic in my head, and therefore didn’t get as far into the movie as perhaps I could have. I had […]

DreamWorks to make ‘Ghost in The Shell’ / James Cameron on 3D moviemaking

According to Variety, DreamWorks is going to turn ‘Ghost In The Shell’ into a 3-D live-action movie. Steven Spielberg was involved in the deal. Presumably they’re adapting the movie by Mamoru Oshii, not the comic by Masamune Shirow. I am a big GITS fan. I like the comic, the sequel of the comic, the movie, […]

An interview with Pixar storyboard artist Enrico Casarosa about Studio Ghibli

There’s an interesting interview on GhibliWorld with Pixar storyboard artist Enrico Casarosa, who worked on Ratatouille and now on the upcoming movie Up. I found in interesting to read about the differences in the storyboarding process at Pixar and at Studio Ghibli. I storyboarded on [Ratatouille] for almost 4 years. The job shortly put entails […]