My name is Jurie Horneman. I provide a broad range of services that will help you make better games.

I am multi-disciplinary, having worked as a game designer, producer, lead programmer, as well as in management and quality assurance. I have worked for small and large companies in several different countries, and am fluent in English, German, French and Dutch.

A computer game is the result of the combined efforts of many people working in many different disciplines. My unique background means that I can communicate with any member of a game development team, and that I can judge the impact of a decision or risk on every aspect of a game, be it creative, commercial, technical, or management-related.

Ever since I started making games in 1991, my passion has been to produce high quality games, on time and on budget.

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I offer services in the following areas:

Game Design & Concepts

Be sure you are heading in the right direction by letting me review your game concept or game design document. A fresh, outside look will give you an objective impression of the state of your game, allowing you to manage risks before they turn into expensive problems. I can identify problems and weak spots, propose solutions, and generate new ideas.
Or I can work with you to write a game concept or design document from scratch so you have a solid basis to work off of – an ideal solution if you are temporarily short of key personnel.
I can also improve your game’s design when it is already further along in development, in the areas of balancing, tuning, coaching, improving tools and processes, and more.


Do your plans cover everything that needs doing? Is your schedule optimized without being too optimistic? Do you have all your risks covered? Let my many years of experience in game development work for you by having me perform an objective review of your production plans and methods.
Already in the thick of battle? I can identify problems and risks, and help you solve or mitigate them through proven methods adapted to your particular situation.

Structures, processes and tools

Every company is different, and every organization constantly has to adjust to change. Having designed, introduced and used working methods in companies from 15 people to over 300, I can help you look beyond the immediate needs of your current project to the structures and processes that shape the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. Make sure your people have the information, the roles, and the tools they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. I can audit your working methods, suggest and implement improvements, and coach your staff.


  • Manhunt 2 for PS2 (2004), Rockstar Games. Producer and game design.
  • Grand Theft Auto Double Pack (2003), Rockstar Games. Project manager.
  • Itch! (2003), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Game design.
  • Neighbors from Hell (2003), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Producer.
  • Pusher (2002), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Producer.
  • The Nations Gold Edition (2002), JoWooD Productions Software AG. Producer.
  • Extreme Assault (1997), Blue Byte Software GmbH. Additional programming.
  • Incubation: Time is Running Out (1997), Blue Byte Software GmbH. Additional programming.
  • The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici (1996), Blue Byte Software GmbH. Additional programming.
  • Albion (1995), Blue Byte Software GmbH. Lead programmer, game design.
  • Ambermoon (1993), Thalion Software. Lead programmer.
  • Amberstar (1992), Thalion Software. Lead programmer.

(This list does not contain every unreleased game I have worked on. The games industry being what it is, there are quite a few of those. Also, it only lists games I made a direct contribution to.)

External information

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