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What I talk about when I talk about “story”

First of all, if you’re interested in narrative design at all, you should follow Thomas Grip on Twitter. There are few people who write so many tweets that I agree with. That said, I don’t agree with every single thing he says. Today, for example, he said: The “games don’t need story” discussion is really [...]

What I learned going from game programming to web programming

I foolishly promised Amandine on Twitter that I would write about my experiences going from hard-core C++ game tech to web tech. And so, before this ends up on the pile of Things I Could Write About, let me take a stab at actually doing so. Back in the 90s I wrote hard-core game tech [...]

A brief note on the formalism discussion

After having read ‘Parley’ by Frank Lantz, I wanted to write down a couple of thoughts about the discussion on formalism that has been going on recently, even though I haven’t followed every part of it, and can barely spell ‘Deleuzian’. First of all, Parley is great on several levels. It is well written, well argued, and [...]

Extreme data-driven development on Ambermoon, Amberstar, and Albion

More war stories from the depths of time! My first job in the industry was main programmer on Amberstar, a big role-playing game by Thalion Software for the Atari ST. Amberstar was developed in a very interesting way. It was the brainchild of Karsten Köper, who before joining Thalion had developed a role-playing game called Mythos [...]

How organizations react to ideas

It’s time to talk about disruption again. This article in The Economist contains some bits I very much agree with: Yet even short-sighted or embarrassed managers should react when the threat from upstart technologies becomes clear. They do not, economists reckon, because of organisational rigidities. Ms Henderson suggests firms can be seen as giant information-processing organisations that evolve [...]

Belated thanks

As I have mentioned on Twitter, I gave a talk about the dark side of game development at ENJMIN in December last year.One of my topics was sexism (and racism, homophobia and transphobia). I was very nervous about this subject. What do I have to say about this? I’m a white straight cis male. So I asked [...]

On narrative in Tetris / Match 3, and mechanics in IF

Chris Billows asked the following on Twitter: @jurieongames Hi Jurie. What about Tetris / Match 3 games? What’s the narrative there? How about IF games? What’s the mechanics there? — Chris Billows (@Doc_Surge) January 9, 2015 I want to reply very quickly and briefly, but without having to split things up into 140 character chunks. So: [...]

Resources for my talk on the dark side of game development

Here are some resources to go with my talk about the dark side of game development that I gave at ENJMIN on December 18th 2014. Talking to people Effective Networking in the Game Industry – Darius Kazemi Gameconfs Impostor syndrome Kill The Goddamn Vulture – Richard Dansky Your body language shapes who you are – [...]

A quote about Battlefield Hardline from Bro McBrodude

A quote from a Polygon article on Battlefield Hardline: Polygon spoke with Hardline’s Executive Producer and Vice President of Visceral Games Steve Papoutsis at E3. EA did not provide a response to recent follow-up questions about Papoutsis’ answers. “We did some research on the [internet],” Papoutsis said, “and we found out law enforcement have a [...]

Two years of Gameconfs

On June 18th 2012, so a bit over two years ago, I announced Gameconfs on Twitter. I have never talked about Gameconfs on this blog (or elsewhere), so why not do so now? Back in 2009-2010, as I was starting to do more business development at Mipumi, it bothered me more and more that there [...]