Category Archives: Technology launches new premium membership area on game AI

Time to help friends with a little publicity: On October 1st,, one of the top websites for AI in games, launched a premium membership area. It contains a ton of content, such as code samples, an AI sandbox, technical reports, master classes, interactive discussions with experts, A/V sessions… The mind boggles. I can’t think […]

Integrating real-time real-world data into games

BBC News has an article about incorporating real-time racing data into racing games. The patented system [iOpener] is developing sucks in real-time GPS data from racing events and pumps it out to compatible games consoles and PCs. The idea is that you could pit yourself against the top drivers in the world, as it happens, […]

Larrabee and rasterization

This is a story that has needled me for a while, but never to the point of writing about it. Until today, when I read a blog entry by Tom Forsyth about how Intel’s Larrabee will actually be able to do rasterization and not just real-time raytracing: I’ve been trying to keep quiet, but I […]

All Points Bulletin’s character creation system

Here is a video of All Points Bulletin’s character creation system: It’s very sophisticated. I’ve done some work on avatar systems and there’s a metric ton’s worth of nasty little issues – mainly related to 3D overlapping. You know, hats on hair and stuff like that. Hoodies were my favorite – a coat that’s also […]

Phun: a simulated physics playground

Phun: a simulated physics playground . Swedish graduate student Emil Ernerfeldt created the program Phun, a 2D physics playground, and has made it free to download for non-commercial use. He demonstrates it in a zenful YouTube video, where he creates devices like cars and piston engines in seconds using simple shapes. Nice interface!

Vocaloid 2: Yamaha’s anime song generator

Here is an interesting article about Vocaloid 2, a program developed by Yamaha that, given lyrics and a melody, generates anime-style singing. The singing sounds like a normal human voice modified by digital effects, such as one can hear in some of the music kids listen to these days (and I am assuming here that […]

Intel To Acquire Havok

Read Intel’s press release. I wonder what that means for Havok on non-Intel platforms. Like all current consoles. Is it RenderWare all over again? Well, probably not, but it might have some amusing effects on the middleware market. (Thanks, Tobi!) Update: Since I just phrased it so nicely in an ICQ conversation about the similarities […]

Fix8 Brings Computer Generated Animation To The Webcam

I blogged about Logitech QuickCam Effects about a year ago. Today TechCrunch is reporting about fix8, a company offering a more advanced form of this technology. fix8 combines video, animation and instant messaging that allows users to create their own partial or full custom avatars that mimic human movement. At the heart of fix8 is […]

Microsoft Surface, a multi-touch interface device

Popular Mechanics has a video of Microsoft Surface, a table-sized multi-touch interface device. It is based on the work of Jeff Han, whose work I have blogged about before. Although it seems remarkably similar, I am not sure if this is the same technology that is used in Apple’s iPhone. However, I somehow doubt there […]

Reactable: a collaborative tactile musical interface

Reactable – collaborative tactile musical interface. The description says it all. Check it out, it is cool.