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Teaser trailer for Pixar’s next movie, WALL-E

Here is the teaser trailer for Pixar’s next movie, WALL-E. As Mr. Kottke said, that’s some lunch. Someone do the math on how much revenue was generated there. I find this a very cool trailer for two reasons: I love the multiple styles and the fluid transitions between them. It kinda represents the next stage […]

Very geeky reaction to Naughty Dog’s new game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

The problem with AAA next-gen content? Some people are really paying attention. Funny, and can be appreciated in under 30 seconds. (Via Game Girl Advance.)

Pixar worked with Thomas Keller on Ratatouille

How awesome. This New York Times article describes the research Pixar did for their upcoming movie Ratatouille, including how they worked with Thomas Keller, one of America’s finest chefs. (Via Kottke.)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Like Jason Kottke, the first paragraph of Dana Stevens’ review of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (which contains a lot of spoilers) does an excellent job of explaining the film’s appeal to me: With Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the summer blockbuster begins to approach the level of pure abstraction. Adrift […]

Writing is hard

Writing seems easy, but it’s really hard – just as hard as any complex design / problem-solving job. Don’t believe me? Read about Neil Gaiman’s progress with his latest novel. It reminds me of some game designs I’ve worked on (and thanks to Mark for pointing out that what I felt was normal, and that […]

Storytelling across The Matrix has an article about how the storyline of The Matrix is distributed over several films, animated series, and the upcoming video game. It discusses what’s special about this approach compared to other detailed fictional universes, such as Star Wars. You’ll need to click through an ad to get to the article. It also links […]