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Sex and violence

The saying goes that in the US, you can show someone cutting off a breast, but you can’t show someone caressing one. I have seen several cases where the artwork for European games had to be made more war-like for distribution in the US. I also know of one very interesting case of sex, or […]

Sex in games

Chi Kong Lui has written an article over at on sex in games. That is, actual intercourse, not just mere sexiness or what not. He excludes non-mainstream games, although the boundary is vague. Of course I immediately thought of some titles not mentioned, and they are all games Rockstar Vienna was involved in somehow […]

More on romance

Jane Pinckard has written a new entry on Game Girl Advance about what she finds sexy about male characters in video games. It has some interesting comments, and references an earlier entry about something approaching romantic entanglements in BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic, aka KOTOR. I am currently playing KOTOR myself, but a description […]

E3 2003: Reaching The New Gamer

This is old by now, but Game Girl Advance has a write-up on a panel discussion at this year’s E3 called Reaching The New Gamer, with Stuart Moulder from Microsoft, Bing Gordon from EA, Todd Hollenshead from iD, Vince Broady from GameSpot, and moderated by Jason Rubin from Naughty Dog. It’s full with interesting little […]

Everquest porn

It took surprisingly long. Or maybe it didn’t, I wouldn’t know. Beats that torture stuff that got all the press a few years ago. (From ErosBlog. And no, this is not another blatant attempt to attract visitors by mentioning pr0n.)

pr0n once again in the vanguard

I’m sure that by now you’ve read Sex in Games: Rez+Vibrator on Game Girl Advance. If you haven’t, do: it describes a new social context for gaming (specifically multi-player gaming), a new way for (some but not all) women to get interested in games, and an inkling of a future form of entertainment. No, really. […]