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Duel Love: Scrub That Boy!

Duel Love is a DS game from Namco Bandai. It is a dating game aimed at girls, and apparently involves wiping sweat of half-naked teenage boys. I’ve got nothing further to add. (Via Wonderland.)

EA Calls Fox Out on “Insulting” Mass Effect Inaccuracies

Remember that ‘infamous’ sex scene in Mass Effect? Well, Fox News, fabled U.S. news organization, reported on it. And apparently they slightly got the facts wrong. EA is doing the sensible thing and is pointing out Fox’s reporting inaccuracies in public, and in no uncertain terms. I don’t know how effective it will be, but […]

Sex advice from video-game designers has sex advice from video-game designers, and it’s not a set-up for cheap joke. OK, it is part of a series which includes sex advice from surfers and dog walkers. Still, it features Heather Kelley and Randy Smith, so it can’t be all bad. (Via Alice.)

Mass Effect to include sex scene

(I don’t consider the content of this post to contain spoilers, but if you like your gaming experiences pristine, better look away now.) According to Eurogamer Mass Effect is to include a sex scene. From the BBFC rating: The single sex scene is brief and undetailed, although there is breast nudity in one version of […]

Love Death 2

Alright, here is my dirty little secret: a significant chunk of my non-subscriber traffic is people looking for nude World of Warcraft skins and other dodgy subjects I have occasionally blogged about over the years. So, in a cynical attempt to increase my traffic, I bring you news of Love Death 2, a first-person bukkake […]

Julian Eggebrecht on censorship in games

Julian Eggebrecht held a really interesting keynote address at GCDC this year, about a subject dear to my heart: the idiotic standards used to censor games. Just before I became a producer in 2004, I heard a particularly ludicrous story about an extremely convoluted way to access “sexual content” (a nipple) in Max Payne 2, […]

Warren Ellis on sex in Second Life

I have not really taken any kind of in-depth look at Second Life, but I have been reading the various stories that have appeared over the years. I was nevertheless quite surprised by the amount of coverage Reuters is giving it. I found their Second Life site spooky because I had to keep taking closer […]

WoW nude patch

Well, that took surprisingly long. Read about it over at Wonderland, then indulge your secret gnome fantasies. Hi! You might be interested in other posts in the Sex category.

Sociolotron, a BDSM MMORPG, more or less

I seem to be picking up material from an ever-decreasing number topics these days. This time, a BDSM MMORPG, and it’s link to a shadowy figure from my past.

Dutch games

Historically, the Netherlands is not known for game development. The reason why I packed my bags for foreign climes (Germany) in 1991 was that there were no serious game development companies in Holland at the time. But by now, things have changed.