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Have I ever mentioned de-makes before? I don’t think so. In any case, here is a blog post with info on lots of fun de-makes, such as Bioshock for GameBoy or Metal Gear Solid 4 for NES. (Via Wolfgang.)

Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS

Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS! Winter 2008. Chrono Trigger is in my top 5 of favorite games of all time. I can’t wait to buy it again! That reminds me that I better play Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan), which I went to great lengths to get for the PS1 in […]

Shredz64, a Guitar Hero clone for the Commodore 64

There is a part 2. Dig those chip tunes!

An official (?) Super Mario World level that plays itself

Here is a level from Super Mario World that you can finish by simply not touching the controller. Setting this up must have been an immense effort – it’s breathtaking. The Only Mario Level That Plays Itself – Watch more free videos (Via Boing Boing.)

Simon Carless on Matthew Smith and Jet Set Willy

Simon Carless has written a great article about Matthew Smith, mysterious creator of two landmark games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. Mr. Carless (who occasionally reads this blog – hi!) also writes about how Smith disappeared from the face of the earth (apparently he joined a commune in the […]


I had never heard of Polybius before – it sounds a bit like a real-life Lucky Wander Boy: [A]n unheard-of new arcade game appeared in several suburbs of Portland, Oregon in 1981, something of a rarity at the time. The game, Polybius, proved to be incredibly popular, to the point of addiction, and lines formed […]

Video games hidden in the grooves of LPs

BoingBoing has an interesting post about the time when software was encoded as audio and video games were hidden in the grooves of LPs. If nobody beats me to it I will blog about the 80s Dutch radio show that transmitted software, including games for the ZX Spectrum, over the airwaves.

The most frustrating Super Mario mod ever

The Most Frustrating Super Mario Mod Ever This is screamingly funny (give it a minute). (Via Kottke.) Update: Apparently, it is even funnier, if profane, with sound.

Interview with Andreas Varga

NDSwelt, an ‘inofficial’ online magazine (in German) about the Nintendo DS has an interview (in German) with Andreas ‘Mrsid’ Varga about homebrew programming for the Nintendo DS in general, and his port of Great Giana Sisters in particular (watch a video here).

A short live-action movie about a hamster video game

YouTube – Live Action Hamster Video Game Awesome live-action Monty Mole video :D (Thanks, Laurens!)