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New links

As you may have noticed, I have rearranged the links to other sites on the left side of the page. My previous system was too rigid and did not allow me to link to sites I wanted to link to. (Don’t ask me to explain the logic behind my previous system.) This approach takes up […]

The experiment ends

Yes, I am still here. After about three weeks of allowing anonymous comments, I am disabling this feature again. I don’t think there was a significant increase of comments, but there have been two cases of trolling and two bits of spam. Remember: comment email addresses are scrambled. Humans can read it, spiders have a […]

Policy change

At the request of Thaddaeus Frogley, whose real email address is… no, just kidding… I’ve looked into the whole email address thing. Basically, if you give a URL and an email address, your email address is not present in the HTML. If you just give an email address, it is in the HTML, but its […]

I know kung-fu

I wrote the previous post using a tool called Kung-Log, written by a fellow Dutch person. It allows me to write blog posts in an application instead of a browser. Which gives me advanced functionality such as, ah, undo (which Safari’s text editing field does not provide), but more amazingly, HTML shortcuts, meaning I never […]

Beyond plumbing

I was still ill, so I decided to move to a new weblog system: TypePad. The transfer of the posts was painless. The comments are, alas, all lost. Getting my domain to point to this blog will take only a few days (I hope). But then everything should be properly in one domain, instead of […]

More plumbing

Because I’m ill and have nothing better to do, I’ve made this site HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant (well, unless you go back further than about July…) Also the CSS is compliant. I have little buttons that say so, and if you click on them, the W3C will say so too. Let me know if anything […]

Google loves me

When you’re desperately looking for information on that Axe shower gel ad, where do you go? That’s right, here. Not only did I find this search in my referrer logs, according to Google I’m the number 1 authority on this particular subject. At least no-one was looking for the nude patch. Update: My 15 milliseconds […]

The archives are up

My archives magically started working again. I have no clue why. Next time I’ll wave a JPG of a dead chicken at it.

Normal service will resume shortly

The current reduced posting frequency is caused by the nice sunshine outside, and the nice Zelda: The Wind Waker inside.

Come because your search engine mistakenly thinks I have something you’re looking for, stay for the quality content

Not only do I not have a DOA nude patch, I also do not have that card deck of the most wanted Iraqis, nor do I have a GTA 3 nude patch. The mind boggles.