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The RSS feed of this site has changed

Following on from the previous post, here is the new URL to the RSS feed for this website: Again, sorry for the inconvenience.   Update: Well, this is awkward. This post showed up in both the old and the new feed, even though I turned off the old feed on the WordPress side. I […]

Read this if you subscribe to the RSS feed of this site

The short story: I am going to change the address of the RSS feeds for this site. And I am going to do it today, and then I will create another blog post saying that I’m done. This blog post will also contain the new URLs. If you do not see this second blog post […]

Twitter: Another new way of blogging

Things never get boring here at Intelligent Artifice. OK, actually, sometimes they do, but not right now is what I guess I want to say. Mere days after announcing the use of Delicious to automatically generate blog posts, I’ve added another way for me to more easily get content to you: Twitter. Twitter, or rather […]

A new-ish way of blogging

As you can see from the previous post, I have started using a new way to blog interesting things. Whatever I save and tag in Delicious automatically gets posted here (using Postalicious, a nice WordPress plugin). Keen IA readers may remember I did something similar back in late 2006, but I was not happy with […]

A couple of changes to the blog

I just added automatic backing-upping to this blog. Then I upgraded to WordPress 2.6, and did that in such a way that I can easily upgrade to newer versions in the future, using Subversion. It all worked without a hitch, so I figured, what the hell, I might as well pick a different theme. This […]

Site upgrade

Careful readers may have noticed small changes here and there. Today, I performed a somewhat bigger upgrade behind the scenes. Everything seems to be working like before… Still, if you see something fishy, please let me know.

Some people are visiting this site for the wrong reasons

I have a cold, so my posting frequency is down a bit. Anyway, this is what people are searching for when they get to my site: I also get a ton of visits through Google image search because of this picture. leads to my site, and I am currently the #1 result for […]

Post-transfer observations

1. According to Google Analytics, traffic on my site went from about 25 hits a day to 200 hits a day, since the transfer. 2. According to FeedBurner (owned by Google), subscribers to my feed dropped from about 375 to 85 since the transfer. Is anyone having trouble with the feed? My guess is both […]

Transfer complete

You can now reach this blog again through the usual URL (with or without ‘www’). The temporary URL at will disappear soon. There are still a few small issues to work out, but most of it is done now. I have changed hosting from TypePad to Dreamhost, blogging platform from TypePad to WordPress, and […]


Welcome to the new look of Intelligent Artifice. I have not fully set everything up, but I already like it a lot better. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments. And yes, cute little flowers have nothing to do with games. But I like the rest of the theme so much, I’m leaving it […]