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Game industry news sites

A good news site can be worth their weight in gold (irony intended). The ones I currently use are Game Market, for the UK perspective, and MCV Online for what’s happening in Germany. What are your favorites?

Evan Robinson’s Mischievous Ramblings

I briefly met Evan Robinson in 1997 at a conference organized by Chris Crawford, and then I saw him again at a roundtable at this year’s GDC, but didn’t have the opportunity to talk to him. But since then, I have discovered his blog (as he has discovered mine), and I’ve been wanting to mention […]

The making of Jak & Daxter

I recently browsed by Naughty Dog’s website and discovered the excellent making of Jak & Daxter. It’s a multimedia extravaganza covering all the phases of the development of the game. Very impressive.

Game blogs

Walter Kim over at Virtual Reverie talks about the sudden explosion of game development blogs, which I have noticed as well. Bezzie from adds an interesting comment. I roughly classify the game blogs into the following categories: academically oriented blogs (e.g. How They Got Game), blogs by intelligent gamers, blogs by people with other […]


Walter Kim has a website called Virtual Reverie. According to the titlebar it’s about “Inquiries into the internal and external dynamics of VR”, but his about page says: Don’t let the titlebar fool you: this is a website about videogames. As of this writing, analytical and critical perspectives on videogames are still relatively new, still […]

Akademisch is a new German-language website “dedicated to studying computer games from a cultural perspective”. To signal that it’s about computer games, it uses low-resolution graphics. Well, at least Pac-Man and Space Invaders are absent.

Another game blog

Andrew Phelps started a game blog called “Got Game?” on Corante on March 25th. He says: What this blog is focused on: 1.   Emerging Gaming Technologies. 2.   Emerging Social Phenomena Surrounding Games. 3.   Emergence of Games as a Societal Medium. 4.   Emergence of Games in Academia. What this blog is not: A Game Review […]


The Power Pill is an interesting blog on games and game design.

Do you now, or have you ever used the word ‘LOL’ in actual conversation?

Once, Old Man Murray proudly wore the crown of computer game humor. Then disaster struck (ie they stopped posting) and the people cowered in fear. But now a new champion has arisen. But will Uncle Clive be able to match that glorious moment when Old Man Murray called EA’s Majestic “American McGee’s Outlook”? PS: Uncle […]

Women and games is the best site I know about women and games (Game Girl Advance is good too, but focuses less on the female aspects of gaming). Their content includes interviews (with Jane Jensen for instance), reviews, and various reports on the industry. I can’t think of any site containing more industry commentary from the female […]