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An interview with Pixar storyboard artist Enrico Casarosa about Studio Ghibli

There’s an interesting interview on GhibliWorld with Pixar storyboard artist Enrico Casarosa, who worked on Ratatouille and now on the upcoming movie Up. I found in interesting to read about the differences in the storyboarding process at Pixar and at Studio Ghibli. I storyboarded on [Ratatouille] for almost 4 years. The job shortly put entails […]

Indie landing on Omaha Beach

Kim has posted an excellent video of 3 guys making a video of the landing on Omaha Beach for a much, much smaller budget than what Steven Spielberg had in Saving Private Ryan. We can quibble about whether this can be called ‘amateur’ or not, but I agree with Kim that: […] I stand by […]

Update on the Hobbit movies

Those Hobbit movies I mentioned earlier? Guillermo Del Toro will direct. It somehow seems fitting.

And now for some animation

Here are some interesting links related to animation – not 3D animation in games: animation as a visual medium. has a great gallery of clips from Eastern European animation. I think most people are like me and may have heard of Jan Svankmajer (who is not even found on this page) or may have […]

Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III

Keith Martin has written a cool essay for Star Wars geeks called “A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope”, which reconsiders Star Wars IV in the light of I-III and comes up with some amusing new conclusions. (Via Kottke.)

Strange news about Hobbit movies

John Scalzi has some odd news about two (two) movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema. * MGM and New Line will co-finance and co-distribute two films, “The Hobbit” and a sequel to “The Hobbit.” New Line will distribute in North America and MGM will distribute internationally. * […]

Trailer for new Pixar movie Wall-E revealed

Disney just released a new trailer for Wall-E, Pixar’s next movie (which I blogged about earlier). This is definitely looking like the most detailed Pixar movie ever. The light on that dust, wow. Apparently Wall-E won’t contain any intelligible speech! Just R2D2-esque sounds. That sounds like a very interesting creative constraint: it allows the filmmakers […]

Awesome info visualization in The Kingdom

Exposition is always a difficult problem in storytelling. How do you quickly convey crucial background information without boring your audience? “Surely you know, professor Horneman, that one can’t just have people tell each other things they already know!” Well, here you can see the first 4 minutes of The Kingdom, a new movie about the […]

Interview with Ridley Scott about Blade Runner: The Final Cut

There’s an interview with Ridley Scott in Wired magazine about the final cut of Blade Runner that is finally coming to DVD and theaters this year. (You can read about how I’ve been waiting for this movie for nine frickin’ years over here.)

“The Nines”

Robin just wrote about an intriguing trailer for a movie called The Nines. It looks like an ‘oh no reality is not what you think it is’ story, but with a video game twist. To which I say: what took you so long? At one point you can see a Sims-like interface superimposed over the […]