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Warren Ellis on sex in Second Life

I have not really taken any kind of in-depth look at Second Life, but I have been reading the various stories that have appeared over the years. I was nevertheless quite surprised by the amount of coverage Reuters is giving it. I found their Second Life site spooky because I had to keep taking closer […]

Growth business

This Slashdot Games article showed me that the MMO item trading business is more advanced than I thought: With more than 80 employees and thousands of suppliers, IGE is the largest provider in the world of virtual currency exchange and game-enhancement services to players of MMORPGs. The company provides 24x7x365 customer service and tech support […]

A Call For Expandable Codpieces

There is this trend it seems, in MMO games, to have female characters with otherworldly attributes. Now I know the idea is to lose yourself in a wonderful game of elaborate fantasy, ancient lore, unreal landscapes and diverse species, but I ask you: Does a female Gnome really need to wear a 32 DDD cup? […]

Online games market research

The IGDA commissioned an Online Games Committee to address the needs of game developers concerning online games. The purpose of the Online Games White Paper is to provide online games market statistics, business model descriptions, technology summaries and publisher listings. Additionally, this White Paper provides online games case studies and reference resources. You need to […]

Lord of the rings

(…as in phone rings… get it?… oh never mind) Gamasutra has an interview with Jon LaBrie, formerly of WETA Digital. One thing he says makes me think that if I were a developer of 3D RTS games, I’d be trying to make a game that looks like some of the combat scenes in Lord of […]

On with the show

On Game Girl Advance, Justin Hall has written about Raph Koster’s GDC lecture, Small Worlds: Competitive and Cooperative Structures in Online Worlds. It sounds similar to Will Wright’s lecture: a lot of information from a broad range of disciplines in a small amount of time. If your job involves online communities (mine doesn’t), it looks […]

Collaborative filtering to encourage roleplaying in MMOs

So first I read “The Music Business and the Big Flip” by Clay Shirky, about how collaborative filtering could transform the music industry. (Read his other articles if you haven’t, they’re excellent.) Then I read: UNDERLIGHT SHOWS OFF THEIR PERSONALITY Lyra Studios introduces the New Personality Point System. This could be one of the single […]