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Joerg Plewe and Flying Guns

Joerg Plewe currently is a senior Java and GUI developer and has been in many areas of IT ranging from embedded programming to bioinformatics and games. Joerg has studied physics and used to work with languages like C/C++, Forth, Lisp, Assembly and others in all kinds of environments. That may be so, but I know […]

Braid is coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Braid, one of the more interesting indie games I’ve noticed in the last few years, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Which means I will be able to play it, seeing as I don’t own a PC. There’s a lot more I could say about Braid and indie games. And perhaps one day I will. […]

A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder

Through the Independent Gaming Source I found out about A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder, an indie game by Petri Purho. In it, you play the boulder from the first Indiana Jones movie, and you need to defend the honor of two fertility statues from the lecherous advances of brown-hatted archaeologists. I presume it’s a […]

Former Rockstar Games employee develops messiah complex

VIENNA, Austria — Almost exactly one year after the sudden closure of his workplace, former Rockstar Vienna employee Reinhard Schmid announces the release of the game “I Am Jesus”. Released as a free download for PC on the website of aptly-named Suicidal Entertainment, this may be the most offensive game since Postal. We cannot describe […]

Article on independent game development

O’Reilly’s has an article on independent game development. It discusses Garage Games, the Torque engine, the Independent Game Developers Conference, open source middleware, the independent game business strategy, and scripting languages.