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More on Pixar’s Wall-E

Here is an interesting article about Wall-E, Pixar’s next animated movie: Once Stanton began to visualise his low-tech robot – Pixar’s logo of the bouncing anglepoise lamp, Luxo, was another major inspiration – he decided Wall.E wouldn’t work with conventional dialogue. He wanted his film to hark back to the sense of wonder, the epic […]

Larrabee and rasterization

This is a story that has needled me for a while, but never to the point of writing about it. Until today, when I read a blog entry by Tom Forsyth about how Intel’s Larrabee will actually be able to do rasterization and not just real-time raytracing: I’ve been trying to keep quiet, but I […]

All Points Bulletin’s character creation system

Here is a video of All Points Bulletin’s character creation system: It’s very sophisticated. I’ve done some work on avatar systems and there’s a metric ton’s worth of nasty little issues – mainly related to 3D overlapping. You know, hats on hair and stuff like that. Hoodies were my favorite – a coat that’s also […]

Sony’s Bravia commercial remade in CryEngine 2

Someone has remade Sony’s Bravia commercial using the CryEngine 2: Pretty close match. (Via Anti Patterns.)

And now for some animation

Here are some interesting links related to animation – not 3D animation in games: animation as a visual medium. has a great gallery of clips from Eastern European animation. I think most people are like me and may have heard of Jan Svankmajer (who is not even found on this page) or may have […]

Videotrace: Rapid interactive scene modelling from video

Here you can see a demonstration of Videotrace, a system for interactively generating realistic 3D models of objects from video, developed at the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies. It’s not as magical as I initially expected, but it is pretty cool. The tool seems just easy enough to use, and the output just cute enough. […]

Crossing the great uncanny valley

VFXWorld has a great article by Peter Plantec about the uncanny valley, Final Fantasy, Beowulf and Bill Nighy’s excellent work as Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It’s a good read. One snippet particularly fascinated me: As an aside, the artists and engineers at Electronic Arts discovered some of that when they […]

The OLE Coordinate System simulates M.C. Escher in real-time 3D

OLE Coordinate System is a mind-blowing graphics system developed by Jun Fujiki. Mr. Fujiki has written a 3D display / collision engine that simulates the impossible spatial logic from the work of M.C. Escher. The reality of the autonomous character is affected by how his reality looks to you, the observer. If you don’t see […]

Love Death 2

Alright, here is my dirty little secret: a significant chunk of my non-subscriber traffic is people looking for nude World of Warcraft skins and other dodgy subjects I have occasionally blogged about over the years. So, in a cynical attempt to increase my traffic, I bring you news of Love Death 2, a first-person bukkake […]

Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing

Here is a SIGGRAPH 2007 presentation by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir on a novel way of resizing images. Arbitrarily resize an image while keeping important parts whole. It’s quite impressive, until the baby is squished. Can also be used to eliminate people from your pictures, Stalin-style. Coming soon to your Photoshop.