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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Here is the trailer for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a side-scroller from comic book / animation artist Michel Gagné. It is based on the interstitial videos he produced for MTV a while back (and which I am sure I linked to before). The look is really, really nice. It reminds me of Limbo, the game […]

About Haze

If you read my earlier post about the Games Convention in Leipzig, you may have noticed I wasn’t impressed by Haze, the first-person shooter developed by Free Radical and published by Ubisoft. There was a pretty big Haze booth at the convention, but all I could see was that this was a shooter, and there […]

“The Nines”

Robin just wrote about an intriguing trailer for a movie called The Nines. It looks like an ‘oh no reality is not what you think it is’ story, but with a video game twist. To which I say: what took you so long? At one point you can see a Sims-like interface superimposed over the […]

Spore Preview

1UP got to play Spore in Leipzig. I totally missed Spore even though I watched quite a few games at the EA stand. Maybe it was only for the press, I don’t know. It sounds cool, I just hope there is going to be a Mac version, otherwise I won’t be able to play it […]

About Skate

As you may have read in my previous post, I had some trouble with the controls of EA’s Skate. Mark Wesley, a very talented programmer who I had the pleasure of working with at Rockstar Vienna, happens to be working on Skate over at EA in Vancouver, and he gently explained to me that the […]

Back from the Games Convention in Leipzig

Yesterday afternoon I got back from the Games Convention in Leipzig. I was so tired I went to bed at 9 PM, despite having woken up at 9 AM that day and not having done anything except travel. It was a good trip. It all went very smooth despite the last minute arrangements. I met […]

Bioshock demo

I just played the Bioshock demo on an Xbox 360 hooked up to a kick-ass surround sound system (thanks Chris!). What can I say? I really liked it. Each single element has been seen in other games before, but they’re put together expertly to create a really intense and interesting experience. The visual design, the […]

Regarding The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Whoops. Never write drafts early in the morning :P One might hit ‘Send’ by mistake… So what was it that struck my eye about’s mention of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion? Oblivion, the latest in the series, takes that freedom to ridiculous extremes. Accidentally freed from a jail cell by Emperor Septim, the player is […]

Dueling Banjos for Guitar Hero 2

I never really got into Deliverance, John Boorman’s 1972 movie about suburbanites getting into trouble in the American country-side, but I’ve always liked the famous dueling banjos scene at the beginning of the movie: Ronny Cox’s character gets his ass kicked musically, foreshadowing more ass-kicking later on. Now, apparently people have found out how to […]

The Simpsons Movie: The Game – Made in Vienna

After the WiiWare post a while back, more news about games made in Vienna. It turns out the Flash game on the website of The Simpsons Movie (which I found pretty funny by the way (the movie, not the website)) was written by Root9, developers of local game phenomenon Yeti Sports. And in fact the […]