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German Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Computer Games = ?

Following on yesterday’s pro-game rant by Richard Bartle, here is a blog post by Jens Schroeder showing that the political establishment in Germany is not much more enlightened than in the U.K. I was quite surprised by the attitude displayed by Germany’s foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier: Stressing that games can be culture – this is […]

Richard Bartle’s pro-game rant

This is over a month old, but still well worth blogging about. Richard Bartle has written an excellent rant for The Guardian following the release of the Byron Report, which said that games are not the cause of all of our woes and misfortunes. Some choice extracts: I’m talking to you, you self-righteous politicians and […]

EA Calls Fox Out on “Insulting” Mass Effect Inaccuracies

Remember that ‘infamous’ sex scene in Mass Effect? Well, Fox News, fabled U.S. news organization, reported on it. And apparently they slightly got the facts wrong. EA is doing the sensible thing and is pointing out Fox’s reporting inaccuracies in public, and in no uncertain terms. I don’t know how effective it will be, but […]

New York Times op-ed about the potential of the games medium

Daniel Radosh has written an op-ed about the state of the interactive medium in the New York Times. Some choice quotes: Games boast ever richer and more realistic graphics, but this has actually inhibited their artistic growth. The ability to convincingly render any scene or environment has seduced game designers into thinking of visual features […]

Gaming convention in Iraq / ‘300’ parody by VG Cats

Ziggurat Con – The World’s First War Zone Game Convention? | A gaming convention in Iraq, how cool. Via Penny Arcade. VG Cats – Koopa! Best 300 parody so far.

Will Wright gets a prize from a Hollywood organization

Will Wright gets a prize from a Hollywood organization (via Gewgaw) Cool, and as Robin mentioned, cool because Will makes very un-Hollywood-ish games (or perhaps this is why he got the award?). It also helps that some of the other Very Well Known game designers are not American, I guess…


I am, in fact, not dead. Although I do have a cold. Some random stuff to prove I am at least physically present: Thad exposes the truth behind the PS3 concept graphic that can be found on many respectable sites. How to use a hacked Xbox as a media center. Have you ever come across […]

How many women play games?

Both Game Girl Advance (or, at least, people commenting there) and Chris Crawford doubt the rather positive demographic numbers from a recent ESA press release.

Gus Van Sant movies as video games

Greg, of, writes about Gus Van Sant’s new movie, Elephant, the techniques it uses, and how it, and Van Sant’s previous movie Gerry, are like video games.

Gaming in Iraq

Game Girl Advance linked to this blog entry about gaming in Iraq. It makes Iraq seem less foreign.