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Handhelds drive games market, says Enix chief

The Financial Times has published an interesting interview with Yoichi Wada, the chief executive of Square Enix. To sum up, he says: The demographics of gamers have changed completely over the last few years. Dragon Quest IX, the latest part of the insanely popular series, will only appear for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo was succesful […]

Spider-Man 3 may be the most expensive movie ever made

This article in Radar Online discusses the budget of Spider-Man 3. The exact budget is not known, but ‘industry insiders’ claim the production alone cost over $350 million, which with marketing and promotion means the whole movie cost half a billion dollars. Sony, ‘still reeling from a flurry of bad press on its PlayStation 3 […]

More on Aufbaustrategiespiele

It always surprises me which posts here get commented on and linked to, and which ones don’t (although I am no longer surprised at the amount of traffic I get from people googling ‘everquest porn’ or ‘wow nude patch’). Greg Costikyan commented on my recent post about the Anno and Settlers franchises. I could write […]

Guitar Hero II song pack pricing

DonkeyXote, a lawyer at Microsoft Game Studios has written a blog post explaining why the Guitar Hero II song packs may be priced the way they are. Apparently some people are… shall we say… mildly puzzled about the pricing. I don’t have Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 and my Guitar Hero 1 controller […]

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers: Commentary

As reported earlier, Ubisoft has bought Sunflowers, who own the rights to Anno, probably the most successful game franchise to come out of Germany ever. They also bought a 30% stake in Related Designs, the developers of the most recent game in the Anno series.

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers, holders of the Anno brand. Read all about it. This is big news for the German games industry. Commentary later. Thanks to Greg for telling me about this.

Analysis of Howard Stringer at Sony

Roger Ehrenberg over at Information Arbitrage has posted an interesting analysis of the predicament and performance of Howard Stringer, Sony’s CEO. It contains some information about the culture at Sony that is interesting to know in combination with their current PR problems in the games sector. News has an interesting momentum. The lure of a […]

The contract between Activision and Spark for Call Of Duty: Finest Hour – Call Of Duty: Finest Hour – The Contract A rare look at the sausage-making behind the scenes. Via Grumpy Gamer. Ron Gilbert on that Call of Duty contract Ron Gilbert’s commentary on the Gamasutra article I just linked to. Had to link this to for the attorney quote that made me lol.

Insert funny connection between warchest and standard RPG treasure chests

EA acquires $2 billion warchest. “That kind of money makes almost every company in the industry, with the obvious exceptions of Microsoft and Sony, into potential acquisition targets.” Apparently, the Japanese financial industry thinks Nintendo may be a takeover target. But then, Nintendo seems to attract outrageous rumors. (From