Bookmarks for January 12th from 04:49 to 11:55

These are my links for January 12th from 04:49 to 11:55:

  • Creepy electropop video – 'If I Had A Heart', by The Knife. Very nice music video.
  • Genre, give up your secrets! – James Henry on why a lot of genre TV in the UK is crap. Nice if you're interested in writing genre or wondering why stuff, e.g. games, is crap.
  • Why is joining the WGA mandatory? – John August briefly explains aspects of the WGA and Hollywood's guild system. I will take this up again in a planned post on credits in the games industry.
  • Best of Bootie 2008 CD – The 2008 Best of Bootie compilation is here! There are some great mashups on here. Check out the previous years too – you'll wonder why Careless Whisper and Wanted Dead Or Alive were ever separate tracks.
  • A late 2007 article on Harold Pinter from The New Yorker – I like reading about how other artists in other media have changed what can be done in their medium.

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  1. Mark wrote:

    The article on why it’s mandatory for writers to join the WGA when they make an initial sale to a studio or production company that is a signatory to the WGA’s MBA (minimum basic agreement) is a good one. The only thing I would add — as a former member of the WGA — is that all of the things the article suggests MIGHT happen if the WGA didn’t have this system in place of course DID happen in the past, back in the dark ages when there was no WGA.

    This is, obviously, the story of labor unions around the world. If you can be kicked out of your job and replaced at a moments notice by someone who will work for half the amount, or if you can be threatened with loss of your job unless you to take less salary, then any/every company will do just that in order to increase profits. That’s the way companies work: they are inherently responsible to no human being, but rather to a balance sheet. Whatever makes the balance sheet better — including, historically, things like slavery — is generally seen as good business. At least until somebody wades into the filth with a flashlight and makes everybody feel a little queasy about where their riches came from….

    The WGA is simply a high-profile (almost exotic) example of my labor unions are important if you don’t want workers to constantly be under threat of exploitation by an employer. On the other hand, if you believe labor — like, say, fossil fuels — is there to be consumed at the cheapest possible price, then of course you are opposed to labor unions. Let them eat cake.

    Posted 13 Jan 2009 at 6:58