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Principles and Practices for Productive Teams – Slides from my GDC Paris 08 talk

Regular readers may remember that back on June 23rd 2008, I gave a presentation on productivity and being a producer at GDC Paris. Well, I am happy to announce that about 6 months later, I have finally given the slides a final polish and converted them to an accessible format. It only took me a […]

How I manage my email

The odds are high that if you are in a lead or management position in the games industry, you are getting a lot of email. This post presents the system I have been using to manage my email since March 2008. It is easy to set up and easy to use. My approach is based […]

BLDGBLOG, a mind-expanding blog on architecture

I’ve been wanting to write about BLDGBLOG for a long time. This post perhaps explains why I think Geoff Manaugh is one of the most interesting speculative fiction writers today: [You] begin to fast-forward the video at 4x speed, then 8x, then 16x, then 32x – and you realize, with a collective gasp, that that […]

Twitter: Another new way of blogging

Things never get boring here at Intelligent Artifice. OK, actually, sometimes they do, but not right now is what I guess I want to say. Mere days after announcing the use of Delicious to automatically generate blog posts, I’ve added another way for me to more easily get content to you: Twitter. Twitter, or rather […]

Two milestones

I remembered just in time that 18 years ago today, I started my first day of professional and paid work in the games industry, at the long-defunct, quasi-legendary German company Thalion software. I can’t recall if I’ve blogged about this before. Every year it grows slightly less meaningless, until 2011 when I hit 20 years […]


My good friend Mark Barrett sent me a link to an article about Pathologic, a game from 2004 that I had never heard of before. Mark seemed excited about the game, and, after I read more about it, so am I. The article is Butchering Pathologic, by Quintin Smith, over on the excellent Rock Paper […]

Bookmarks for January 12th from 04:49 to 11:55

These are my links for January 12th from 04:49 to 11:55: Creepy electropop video – 'If I Had A Heart', by The Knife. Very nice music video. Genre, give up your secrets! – James Henry on why a lot of genre TV in the UK is crap. Nice if you're interested in writing genre or […]

Bookmarks for January 9th from 10:17 to 10:51

These are my links for January 9th from 10:17 to 10:51: Kodu – Microsoft Research – A visual game development system for the Xbox 360, developed by Microsoft Research. Could be interesting – not so much for pro game development, but for the ideas. Fullbright: MOTY 08 – Gaming Moments of the Year 2008. 2longdidn'tread, […]

A new-ish way of blogging

As you can see from the previous post, I have started using a new way to blog interesting things. Whatever I save and tag in Delicious automatically gets posted here (using Postalicious, a nice WordPress plugin). Keen IA readers may remember I did something similar back in late 2006, but I was not happy with […]

Bookmarks for January 9th from 09:14 to 09:21

These are my links for January 9th from 09:14 to 09:21: Fixing Windows Vista, one machine at a time | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | – This blog post shows that Windows does suck, but it's not necessarily Microsoft's fault. It's kind of scary: which dysfunctional process led to Sony selling PCs that are […]