Monthly Archives September 2008

My favorite New Yorker cartoon

This is my favorite New Yorker cartoon ever: It is a very accurate description of how I ocasionally feel – more so the further I move away from being 30. The cartoon helps me find the courage and energy to avoid ending up in the depicted situation. So far, successfully, I think. (You can buy […]

David Perry corrects GameStop CEO about digital distribution

It seems GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo crossed the boundaries of sane, well-reasoned discourse while criticizing digital distribution of games. Dave Perry corrects him over at Shacknews: […] I hate to think someone this powerful can put out this kind of nonsense in an interview, and confuse professional investors, that might have been interested in the […]

A look at Stanley Kubrick’s archives

The Guardian has a great article about Stanley Kubrick and some of the insane things he did when making movies: [Long-time Kubrick assistant Tony Frewin] takes me into a large room painted blue and filled with books. “This used to be the cinema,” he says. “Is it the library now?” I ask. “Look closer at […]


Have I ever mentioned de-makes before? I don’t think so. In any case, here is a blog post with info on lots of fun de-makes, such as Bioshock for GameBoy or Metal Gear Solid 4 for NES. (Via Wolfgang.)

Xbox points problems

Alice had a fun experience while trying to buy Xbox points. It seems the way Microsoft handles points purchases causes credit card companies to freeze the card preemptively… “Oh yes, Microsoft’s Xbox division pings the card from Luxembourg, and you’re not in Luxembourg, and they also do this thing where they charge your card a […]

Scorpia lives!

I just discovered that Scorpia, who used to write for the venerable Computer Gaming World in the 80s and 90s, has a website. A website that looks like it’s from the 80s and 90s. Still, great to see she is still present and active.

Amazing chip tunes + Japanese folk song

I really, really like this track by Omodaka, called ‘Korikori Bushi’: Well-produced arpeggio-filled chip tunes plus what is apparently the oldest Japanese song in existence, all with a cute video.

Summer break

Yes, posting frequency has been low lately. I am enjoying a summer break right now. There should be more posts in October at the latest – maybe earlier if I can gather the momentum. But so far, the weather has just been too nice outside. What have you been doing over summer? I hope you […]