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Amazon’s rabbit hole

Start with this book on Amazon, then explore the similar books (there are two lists on every page). Try to guess which books are completely serious, actually existing books. It’s like a weird parallel world. Cheese Problems Solved? What connects a book about huge ships to The Big Book of Lebian Horse Stories? It’s like […]

Get Out And Play

Get Out And Play – viral ad du jour. Well made!

For all German-speaking game developers

The following can only be fully appreciated by people who speak German. This song is not about game development… but it’s funny to pretend that it is. It’s called ‘3 Tage Wach’: awake for 3 days. Play it next time you crunch!

Steve Meretzky on life

Steve Meretzky is a very funny guy. Here is proof. (Via Greg – I don’t quite agree with him there, but that’s another post.)

DreamWorks to make ‘Ghost in The Shell’ / James Cameron on 3D moviemaking

According to Variety, DreamWorks is going to turn ‘Ghost In The Shell’ into a 3-D live-action movie. Steven Spielberg was involved in the deal. Presumably they’re adapting the movie by Mamoru Oshii, not the comic by Masamune Shirow. I am a big GITS fan. I like the comic, the sequel of the comic, the movie, […]

Info about Valve’s new project

John Scalzi, prize-winning SF author, visited Valve Software recently and reports: What did I see there? I can’t tell you (I signed an NDA). What did I do there? I can’t tell you (see above). Did I have a good time? Oh, yeah. Should you, as a video game fan, be immensely, immensely jealous? See […]

Greenhouse, Penny Arcade’s digital distribution system

Penny Arcade is setting up their own digital distribution system, Greenhouse, together with Hothead Games. This will be used to distribute PA’s game “On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness” (which is coming out for the Mac, yay), as well as… other games. They’re not saying much for now. Probably because they don’t know yet. According […]

Chef Owners Who Work The Line

First a dance video, now a cooking story? Yes. Here is Shuna Fish Lydon, in her own inimitable style, telling a story about a day at work, ten years ago, cooking at the French Laundry. Finally Eric says something that makes us all look up from our minute, detail oriented tasks. “You heard me, get […]

Dedicated to the Welsh

I don’t post for weeks and what do you get? A music video. What can I say, I am a sucker for dance videos.Utah Saints, Something Good 2008 Remix from Jason Fields on Vimeo.And here it is on YouTube. It is a remix of Utah Saints’ Something Good, by the way.(Via Kottke.)