Monthly Archives January 2008

Video Game Venture Capital, a blog about video game finances

Kim Pallister, who so far has still managed to avoid revealing what he is doing for a living after leaving Microsoft, has an excellent blog that you should be reading. I just recently discovered that, together with Vladimir Cole, he writes a second blog called Video Game Venture Capital. Posting is infrequent, which is good […]

Minority Kart

This is a pretty funny YTMND animation. Tom Cruise has never looked as pathetic as here. (Via… ummm… forgot.)

20+ Tools For Creating Your Own Games

Mashable has a list of tools for creating your own games – Flash and/or homebrew games, that is. I haven’t checked out every single link, and perhaps I could come up with a similar list in 5 minutes with Google, but hey, Mashable is a pretty cool site. Who knows what you might find here? […]

Ron Gilbert has a publisher

Ron Gilbert finally has a publisher for DeathSpank, the game he has been working on for years now. It’s Hothead Games, who are working on the Penny Arcade game. That’s one great track record in the making there. On top of that, Ron is moving to Canada to become the creative director of Hothead Games. […]

Physics fun in Crysis

Here is a nice video of people having fun with physics – specifically, exploding barrels – in Crysis. Exercise: Come up with a fun game based on this. You have the engine and the assets, or something equivalent, and you don’t care about realism at all, just about wildly outrageous physics situations. (Via Ben Mattes.)

Creative meetings

Teller – he is really called just ‘Teller’ – of magician duo Penn & Teller is working on a production of Macbeth. A Macbeth with stage magic, and Grand Guignol effects, and the intended aim of scaring the audience witless. I haven’t been this excited about a play since I heard about the theater version […]

Videotrace: Rapid interactive scene modelling from video

Here you can see a demonstration of Videotrace, a system for interactively generating realistic 3D models of objects from video, developed at the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies. It’s not as magical as I initially expected, but it is pretty cool. The tool seems just easy enough to use, and the output just cute enough. […]