Best Buy Bodhisattva

If you read the same kind of blogs I do, it’s highly likely that at the end of last year you read a blog post over at Gamers With Jobs where Julian “rabbit” Murdoch described an amazing Guitar Hero 3 performance he witnessed in his local Best Buy. Just in case you didn’t read it, I am mentioning it here again, because it is a great read.

And if you’re curious if that song is really that hard… it is.

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  1. Mark Barrett wrote:

    Went by a bar the other night — I think it was a neighborhood sports bar — and they had Guitar Hero 3 advertised outside. Took me a minute to realize that GH3 has become the guy/male version of karaoke.

    Probably time to get working on my ‘History of the Air Guitar’, with a gut-wrenching chapter at the end about how all the good air guitar players have been overshadowed by this new technology.

    Hopefully, somewhere in the cloud-shrouded foothills of Japan, an air-guitar master plays on….

    Posted 11 Jan 2008 at 13:33