“Rockstar Head Ascends to Take-Two Throne”

I just got sent a link to an article called “Rockstar Head Ascends to Take-Two Throne”. Here is more or less what I was thinking as I opened it:

Sam Houser got promoted? Nice comeback: This must be related to that expiring contract business.

*Reads article*

Gary Dale, formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Rockstar Games […]

… Who?

[…] said Ben Feder, Chief Executive Officer of Take-Two.

… Who?

Ohhh…. part of the post-Hot Coffee management shake-up.

[…] make him an excellent choice to take on this new corporate Executive VP position […]

… Vice President of what exactly? Ah well.

As for Michael Pachter’s belief that the Housers might leave over money when their contract runs out: I disagree. They don’t need money, but in their shoes I would be quite dissatisfied at Take-2, ever since Rockstar Games was no longer mentioned here (i.e. after June 15th 2006). And the Houser brothers would have the balls to walk away.

Still, the new GTA IV trailer looks nice.

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  1. Mark Barrett wrote:

    There was a kid named Woody Houser in my grade school. Nice guy; lots of freckles.

    Posted 10 Dec 2007 at 22:26
  2. Chris Wells wrote:

    The new GTA IV trailer doesn’t look that nice. The lighting is pretty good, but it’s going to suffer from frame rate problems and the textures looked a bit bland. Hopefully they can do something a bit innovative and not make just another GTA style game. I see this one not living up to the hype Assassin’s Creed style.

    Posted 11 Dec 2007 at 2:02
  3. Chris Wells wrote:

    PS. The PS3 port will be a disaster.

    Posted 11 Dec 2007 at 2:04
  4. Chris Wells wrote:

    Orange Box port: http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/840/840505p3.html

    Posted 11 Dec 2007 at 6:48
  5. Dominik D. wrote:

    “Still, the new GTA IV trailer looks nice.”
    Tend to disagree. Its aim at movie trailer look&feel failed IMO. Looks like neither game nor movie.

    Posted 11 Dec 2007 at 12:12
  6. Stitched wrote:

    “Hopefully they can do something a bit innovative and not make just another GTA style game.”

    Why wouldn’t they make a GTA style game? It IS GTA.

    The trailer just confirms to the world that GTA4 is a real entity and it IS going to come out.

    Not sure what “innovations” you are expecting since they are just as successful having the same formula for all their GTA titles.

    Posted 12 Dec 2007 at 13:10
  7. Chris Wells wrote:

    I’ve played enough GTA and its knock-offs. While I know the formula is successful, I would still like to see something new that would make me want to play through GTAIII (I mean IV) again. No reason why it can’t evolve a bit. And I’m not sure what “innovations” I would suggest either, I am a gamer not a game designer.

    Posted 14 Dec 2007 at 2:25
  8. Mark Barrett wrote:

    I’ve never played GTA. Can you play as a female character? If not, I think they should do a game where the main character is female — and big — and really mad at men, society, etc.

    Maybe set it in, say, San Jose….

    Say, during the GDC….

    With lots of geeky-looking guys wearing pencil protectors in their fully-buttoned plaid dress shirts. (Here I’m trying to portray the geek stereotype as fully as games often portray the buxom female stereotype. Both of these, are, of course, thoroughly reprehensible.)

    Maybe there could even be a girl-gang theme, which would allow the representation of scantily-clad females on the pretext that “that’s really how they look!”

    Although I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before.

    Posted 14 Dec 2007 at 7:31