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Happy new year

I wish you all courage and wisdom in 2008. Coming up on Intelligent Artifice: a new design, and more posts. As a last little joke for 2007: here is a website of a German WoW guild with an awesome name. The name doesn’t work that well in English, but basically it translates to ‘Minion of […]

Crossing the great uncanny valley

VFXWorld has a great article by Peter Plantec about the uncanny valley, Final Fantasy, Beowulf and Bill Nighy’s excellent work as Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It’s a good read. One snippet particularly fascinated me: As an aside, the artists and engineers at Electronic Arts discovered some of that when they […]

Strange news about Hobbit movies

John Scalzi has some odd news about two (two) movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema. * MGM and New Line will co-finance and co-distribute two films, “The Hobbit” and a sequel to “The Hobbit.” New Line will distribute in North America and MGM will distribute internationally. * […]

A little musical fun

If you’re under 30 you may not get this. (Via Scalzi.)

Balance of Power book by Chris Crawford finally available again

“Balance of Power – International Politics as the Ultimate Global Game”, Chris Crawford’s book about his hit game, is finally available again. It’s been out of print and hard to get for a long time. I asked him about it last December, and he said that although he had gotten quite a lot of requests, […]

Happy Fifth Birthday, Intelligent Artifice

Five years ago, I wrote the first post on this blog. (And although it doesn’t mean much: To the best of my knowledge, this is the oldest blog by a practicing game developer.) There are now 916 posts here, about one for every two days. Looking back is weird. I used to make bad puns […]

Gordon Walton Gives 12 Lessons from WoW

Many people have tried to identify the secret of Blizzard’s success, a topic guaranteed to interest a lot of game developers. Still, when someone who has been around as long as Gordon Walton gives it a shot, it’s worth paying attention. Not only is he a funny man, he knows what he is talking about. […]

Ubisoft Threatens Something Awful Over Jade Comic

Ubisoft Threatens Something Awful Over Jade Comic. I’ve seen the comic in question, and it is bad. Not cool bad, or legendarily bad: small-minded 14-year-old bad. It’s not only pornographic and insulting: it’s unfunny. Don’t expend the effort to try and find it. Although I am not sure whether they are suing the right person, […]

“Rockstar Head Ascends to Take-Two Throne”

I just got sent a link to an article called “Rockstar Head Ascends to Take-Two Throne”. Here is more or less what I was thinking as I opened it: Sam Houser got promoted? Nice comeback: This must be related to that expiring contract business. *Reads article* Gary Dale, formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Rockstar […]

Back from Lyon

I am back from Lyon. Well, I got back on Wednesday, but with catching up at work, watching Beowulf and The Golden Compass (both of which I liked) and the company Christmas party, I’ve hardly been near my computer at home. The GDC was fun. Also, did you know that whole “Can’t carry more then […]