Pac-Man as interactive fiction

This is probably really old but I am not really keeping up to date with the Interactive Fiction world: Pac-Man as a text adventure.

Pac-Man was a junkie, eyes oozing pus, haunted by the ghosts of those he’d killed.

They called him Pac-Man because he was always packing heat, lightning-quick on the draw with a personal arsenal second to none. But today he woke up in an alley, all weapons missing but his mouth, an animal, starving hysterical naked, trapped in an unfamiliar maze of mean streets. Needing a fix. Needing a fix like nothing else.

And the ghosts are coming.

You can guess the rest, but it’s well done.

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  1. Noah Falstein wrote:

    Delightful! This is one of those things that only a few of us (well, perhaps 10,000 or so) who loved both the early arcade days and the concurrent Infocom days equally…

    It’s the eve of Thanksgiving here in the US, thanks for pointing out this wonderful thing we can be thankful for!

    Posted 21 Nov 2007 at 19:40