Venn diagram comparing PlayStation 3 models

Confused by all the changes Sony has been making to their Playstation 3 model line?

Chris Kohler made a handy Venn diagram of the PlayStation 3 models and their feature sets. Although I think he left out HDMI? Wasn’t there something retarded where the cheaper PS3s don’t have HDMI out? Because my new TV has two HDMI inputs gathering dust here. (Yes, I know there are now Xbox 360s with HDMI out.) Apart from that, it looks like the ‘old’ 20GB PS3 would be the ideal model for me.

You know, if I wanted one.

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  1. fluffy wrote:

    All PS3s have HDMI.

    Posted 26 Oct 2007 at 10:30
  2. Jurie wrote:

    Oh cool, thanks for that information. I wonder why I got confused over that… Microsoft FUD? :P

    Posted 26 Oct 2007 at 10:50
  3. Chris Wells wrote:

    There is very little difference between VGA and HDMI connections on the 360 unless you have a 50+” HDTV. What you can use you dusty HDMI input for is a new home cinema (heimkino) 5.1 dolby surround sound set. You can get a good one for 200-300 euros.

    Posted 27 Oct 2007 at 0:30
  4. Jurie wrote:

    My Panasonic TV is not 50+”. I am currently using component for my Xbox 360, PS2 and GameCube and SCART for my DVD player (which I only use for R1 DVDs). I’ve been thinking of picking up a cheap DVD player with HDMI (like, what, 80 Euro at Niedermeyer?). But then I don’t really watch DVDs that much. And currently I don’t have an amp (let alone receiver), nor speakers… it’s all going through the TV…

    Posted 27 Oct 2007 at 1:51
  5. fluffy wrote:

    I use my PS3 as my DVD player. Its upconversion is much better than the upconverting DVD player I bought previously.

    I switch all my stuff through a Sony ES-series receiver, which has the benefit of also upconverting analog signals to HDMI (though I actually turn the scaler off, since my only analog source is my Wii and my TV’s built-in scaler does a better job with it), so there’s only two connections between my stereo and my TV (HDMI to the TV, TOSlink to the receiver for OTA sound).

    I have a Mac mini hooked up to my TV via SVGA and it looks just fine, even at 1080p. HDMI’s really only good for simplifying a connection, not for improving any quality. Theoretically it’ll make a difference when studios start enforcing ICT, but so far there hasn’t been any indication that they will, and anyway 540p still looks nearly as good as 1080p and once I get into a movie I don’t really notice the resolution to begin with.

    Posted 28 Oct 2007 at 14:42
  6. Jurie wrote:

    I use my Xbox 360 for R2 DVDs (for the better upscaling) and my old DVD player for R1. My PS2 and Xbox 1 can play all regions if need be, but I think I have one R3 DVD in my entire collection.

    If I were to get a Wii and/or a PS3, I’d start to run out of connections (my 3-way component switch is full). I can’t use the Wii for my US GameCube games since Nintendo seems to have broken Freeloader… just as I can’t play Psychonauts on my X360, or Katamari Damacy 1 on a European PS3. (My modded PS2 can play my US PS1 games…)

    But most likely I will just use a few devices and switch some in or out once in a while.

    Posted 28 Oct 2007 at 15:58
  7. Chris Wells wrote:

    Does your TV have the PC (VGA) input? If so, the 360 resolution is much better over VGA than component. With an HDMI heimkino whats included is a upscaling DVD receiver and the 5.1 speakers… toss the old SCART dvd player… looks terrible on HDTV. You can get the region free hack for the heimkino DVD player (my samsung is about as good as my 360 in scaling). Plus they have usb and bluetooth usually so for an extra 40€ you can get a 4GB data stick that you can load all your divx movies/TV onto and play through the HDMI DVD as well. (for now wmv and mp4 can be networked through your 360 with xvid rumored for the future).

    Posted 29 Oct 2007 at 2:48