Monthly Archives August 2007

A thought on celebrity

Jason Della Rocca added the following aside to one of his recent posts: (Tangential aside: In an odd way, on a meta level this plays into my previous post on “celebrity”. Not knowing anything about [Steven Johnson’s ‘Ghost Map’], I bought it solely on the strength of the author and positive past experiences with his […]

Temporary Offlininess

Pardon my dust. I am going to change some stuff about the how and where of Intelligent Artifice over the next few days, which may result in this site becoming unreachable through the usual URL. Update: Things are looking good so far. Because I have an optimisim bordering on delusion and am clearly a danger […]

Dueling Banjos for Guitar Hero 2

I never really got into Deliverance, John Boorman’s 1972 movie about suburbanites getting into trouble in the American country-side, but I’ve always liked the famous dueling banjos scene at the beginning of the movie: Ronny Cox’s character gets his ass kicked musically, foreshadowing more ass-kicking later on. Now, apparently people have found out how to […]