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Julian Eggebrecht on censorship in games

Julian Eggebrecht held a really interesting keynote address at GCDC this year, about a subject dear to my heart: the idiotic standards used to censor games. Just before I became a producer in 2004, I heard a particularly ludicrous story about an extremely convoluted way to access “sexual content” (a nipple) in Max Payne 2, […]

Bioshock demo

I just played the Bioshock demo on an Xbox 360 hooked up to a kick-ass surround sound system (thanks Chris!). What can I say? I really liked it. Each single element has been seen in other games before, but they’re put together expertly to create a really intense and interesting experience. The visual design, the […]

A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder

Through the Independent Gaming Source I found out about A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder, an indie game by Petri Purho. In it, you play the boulder from the first Indiana Jones movie, and you need to defend the honor of two fertility statues from the lecherous advances of brown-hatted archaeologists. I presume it’s a […]

Meet me in Leipzig

I will be at the Games Convention in Leipzig from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning. It was a bit of a last minute decision – getting accomodation took hours. I paid more than if I’d made arrangements months ago, but nothing outrageous. Contact me if you want to meet up!

My Xbox 360 died

My Xbox 360 died just as I was downloading the Bioshock demo. Sob. I have the dreaded red ring of death. Oh well, Microsoft support was nice about it. It may take up to 25 working days, but I should have a working machine again at some point.

Regarding The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Whoops. Never write drafts early in the morning :P One might hit ‘Send’ by mistake… So what was it that struck my eye about’s mention of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion? Oblivion, the latest in the series, takes that freedom to ridiculous extremes. Accidentally freed from a jail cell by Emperor Septim, the player is […]

Post-transfer observations

1. According to Google Analytics, traffic on my site went from about 25 hits a day to 200 hits a day, since the transfer. 2. According to FeedBurner (owned by Google), subscribers to my feed dropped from about 375 to 85 since the transfer. Is anyone having trouble with the feed? My guess is both […]

Transfer complete

You can now reach this blog again through the usual URL (with or without ‘www’). The temporary URL at will disappear soon. There are still a few small issues to work out, but most of it is done now. I have changed hosting from TypePad to Dreamhost, blogging platform from TypePad to WordPress, and […]


Welcome to the new look of Intelligent Artifice. I have not fully set everything up, but I already like it a lot better. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments. And yes, cute little flowers have nothing to do with games. But I like the rest of the theme so much, I’m leaving it […]

Transfer in progress

… hopefully. I won’t begin to explain what I am trying to do – all I will say is that I have to start pushing big red buttons now that will likely make my site inaccessible. Please bear with me. The RSS feed may break. In a few days, all should be as before, only […]