Dueling Banjos for Guitar Hero 2

I never really got into Deliverance, John Boorman’s 1972 movie about suburbanites getting into trouble in the American country-side, but I’ve always liked the famous dueling banjos scene at the beginning of the movie:

Ronny Cox’s character gets his ass kicked musically, foreshadowing more ass-kicking later on.

Now, apparently people have found out how to hack Guitar Hero 2 so you can play your own songs. And yes, someone did that with Dueling Banjos. Now I’ve seen a few impressive Guitar Hero videos, but nothing quite like this:

(It works so well with the hair rock antics in the background :P)

I wonder if anyone has ever tried playing Guitar Hero to a custom track by Al Di Meola, John MacLaughlin and Paco de Lucia…

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  1. Jason Preston wrote:

    I have two questions:

    1) how do you get your own songs into guitar hero II (or is that the 360 version…), and
    2) how is that guitar song physically POSSIBLE???

    Posted 06 Aug 2007 at 0:50
  2. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    1) it’s the PS2 version and requires a modded PS2. Follow the links in the description of the YouTube video, or google ‘custom Guitar Hero track’.
    2) which of the three songs? :)

    Posted 06 Aug 2007 at 9:08