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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Here is the trailer for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a side-scroller from comic book / animation artist Michel Gagné. It is based on the interstitial videos he produced for MTV a while back (and which I am sure I linked to before). The look is really, really nice. It reminds me of Limbo, the game […]

About Haze

If you read my earlier post about the Games Convention in Leipzig, you may have noticed I wasn’t impressed by Haze, the first-person shooter developed by Free Radical and published by Ubisoft. There was a pretty big Haze booth at the convention, but all I could see was that this was a shooter, and there […]

“The Nines”

Robin just wrote about an intriguing trailer for a movie called The Nines. It looks like an ‘oh no reality is not what you think it is’ story, but with a video game twist. To which I say: what took you so long? At one point you can see a Sims-like interface superimposed over the […]

High-end PCs and consoles are the Hummers of the computing world

Coding Horror has an article about cost trends in computing. Basically, it says that the cost of computer hardware tends towards zero (when you look at computing power per dollar), and because of this the cost of electricity is becoming higher and higher, relatively speaking. As a consequence, the goals of environmentalism and economic efficiency […]

“Fit Song” by Cornelius

Check out this amazing video for “Fit Song” by Cornelius. The small scale and the household items in quirky patterns remind me of Katamari Damacy, with a hint of Quay Brothers. Very well done. (Via George.)

A description of my professional services is online

I have finally gotten around to adding a page to this site describing what I can do for you. It didn’t seem that urgent while I was already talking to or working for other companies, but hey, it can’t hurt, especially when I am dealing with people who don’t know me personally. So, why not […]

Spore Preview

1UP got to play Spore in Leipzig. I totally missed Spore even though I watched quite a few games at the EA stand. Maybe it was only for the press, I don’t know. It sounds cool, I just hope there is going to be a Mac version, otherwise I won’t be able to play it […]

About Skate

As you may have read in my previous post, I had some trouble with the controls of EA’s Skate. Mark Wesley, a very talented programmer who I had the pleasure of working with at Rockstar Vienna, happens to be working on Skate over at EA in Vancouver, and he gently explained to me that the […]

Back from the Games Convention in Leipzig

Yesterday afternoon I got back from the Games Convention in Leipzig. I was so tired I went to bed at 9 PM, despite having woken up at 9 AM that day and not having done anything except travel. It was a good trip. It all went very smooth despite the last minute arrangements. I met […]

Japanese monster costumes

Well, if all is going well I should be in Leipzig right now. Still, due to the magic of Posts… From The Future!! (echoes) I should be able to amuse you with this great PingMag article about Atsushi Tomura, who makes really interesting monster costumes. (Via BoingBoing.)