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Will Wright’s TED Talk: Toys that make worlds

Will Wright held a talk at TED 2007 called ‘Toys that make worlds’. The video of that talk has just been posted on I haven’t seen it yet myself, but if it’s like some of the talks Will has held at GDC over the years, it should be excellent. From the description: In a […]

Chore Wars

Chore Wars – Finally, you can claim experience points for housework. You can guess where it’s going. Cute idea! (Via Ryan.)

Trusty Bell Exceeds Sales Expectations in Japan

About a year ago I blogged about Trusty Bell, a Japanese game for the Xbox 360. I have since learned that it is not just a game about the composer Frederic Chopin, it is a game about a dream Chopin has three hours before dying, which takes him to a cel-shaded world filled with people […]

Sidewalk stencil choose-your-own-adventure

Sidewalk stencil choose-your-own-adventure. Not quite an ARG. Cute. (Via Boing Boing.)

Simon Carless on Matthew Smith and Jet Set Willy

Simon Carless has written a great article about Matthew Smith, mysterious creator of two landmark games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. Mr. Carless (who occasionally reads this blog – hi!) also writes about how Smith disappeared from the face of the earth (apparently he joined a commune in the […]

Nintendo’s first WiiWare title, straight out of Vienna

What it says. Mike has the scoop. Very cool! It’s funny. I don’t know the entire Viennese game development scene, but I thought I’d at least heard of every developer here, but I’ve never heard of BPlus before. Update: Well whaddya know, Ryan really did post it earlier :P. Guess I should read his blog […]

Electronic Arts’ STL Implementation

If you’re into hard-core C++ programming for games, you might be interested in reading about Electronic Arts’ STL Implementation. They wrote their own implementation of one of the most intricate C++ libaries known to man. Back when I was into hard-core C++, STL was not well supported by Microsoft’s C++ compiler (Visual C++ 4.2, at […]

More complete, produced game design documents

I just got some more links from Tobi (thanks again). Radical Entertainment, a very well-organized developer in Canada, cooperated with the Computer Science department of the University of Calgary for a computer game programming course. As part of the course, they provided various game documents from their titles: game designs, high concept documents and technical […]

Gold-farmers beat ad-ban by spelling URL in dead gnomes

Can’t publish the URL of your gold-farming site the normal way? Spell it out in dead gnomes. Good marketing stunt. They probably just did it for the gnome-killin’, it’s a kind of fetish in WoW-land.

Trailer voice-overs

To help you ignore the new color scheme… If you liked the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian: You may get a kick out of Five Guys In A Limo: