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Will Wright at The New Yorker Conference 2007

Check out the videos from The New Yorker Conference 2007: 2012: Stories From the Near Future. It includes contributions by Malcolm Gladwell, Will Wright, and Dennis Muren, among other people. (Via Daniel Solis.)

Handhelds drive games market, says Enix chief

The Financial Times has published an interesting interview with Yoichi Wada, the chief executive of Square Enix. To sum up, he says: The demographics of gamers have changed completely over the last few years. Dragon Quest IX, the latest part of the insanely popular series, will only appear for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo was succesful […]

Five Lara Croft models in latex

Five Lara Croft models in latex. Pictures and a video that are as safe for work as the title post. It somehow has to do with the new Tomb Raider game, he said trying lamely title to somehow link this to the ostensible focus of this blog. Hey, I have to pay the rent. Everytime […]

Michigan: Report from Hell

I realize I am probably late to this party, but: ha! ha! ha! A game called Michigan: Report from Hell (made by the people behind Killer 7). Why is the Michigan Board of Tourism not demanding a donation from Sony?

Church of England demands Sony donation for cathedral shoot-out game – Yahoo! News

Church of England demands Sony donation for cathedral shoot-out game – Yahoo! News. Zzzz. Remember: this game takes place in a fictional world that is different from the one we live in, in which major events never happened but humanity is threatened by evil non-human creatures. Hmmm…. not unlike the world view of some Christians. […]

The Chris Hecker / Wii brouhaha at GDC 2007

During the GDC this year there was a small controversy over something Chris Hecker said during a rant session about the Nintendo Wii. It was mentioned on a lot of blogs back then, but I didn’t feel I could really add anything sensible to it, and it was all a bit silly to begin with. […]

AIIDE 2007 proceedings

As someone with a background in technology and game design, AI programming excites me like few other subjects, and it is a continuous source of surprise and frustration to me that I have done so little of it. Somehow, by the time gaming hardware was capable of serious AI I was already on my way […]

Dueling Analogs – crude but hilarious online comic about games

If Penny Arcade and VGCats make you blush, don’t read Dueling Analogs. You’d be missing quite a few very funny jokes though. (Thanks, Tobe!)

Fix8 Brings Computer Generated Animation To The Webcam

I blogged about Logitech QuickCam Effects about a year ago. Today TechCrunch is reporting about fix8, a company offering a more advanced form of this technology. fix8 combines video, animation and instant messaging that allows users to create their own partial or full custom avatars that mimic human movement. At the heart of fix8 is […]