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Richard Bartle and Randy Farmer walk into a bar…

… actually, into a game store. Which makes the anecdote even funnier. I would so have done the same thing. But then, I’m like that.

Richard Cobbett’s 50 strange moments from PC gaming history

Richard Cobbett has written an article about 50 strange moments from PC gaming history. Ahhh… the memories of strange games such as Ecstatica, Bad Mojo and Sanitarium.

Manhunt 2: Photoshopped to suit the BBFC

I haven’t linked to any of the brouhaha surrounding Rockstar Games and Manhunt 2 so far (the short story: no country in the world wants it on their shelves), but I found the following movie hilarious. It’s still not quite safe for work so you have to click through.

Screenshots from the intro of Phantom Hourglass

Here are some screenshots from the intro of Phantom Hourglass, the upcoming Zelda game for the Nintendo DS. Yay for unconventional art styles. (Thanks Mike.)

Spore delayed

Much as I hate linking to Kotaku: Spore has been delayed until 2009. Wasn’t the slip to 2008 announced just a few months ago? I guess building 6 games and making them work together, and porting them to every platform known to man is taking longer than expected. I am sure this involved some interesting […]

Inland Empire

I just came back from the last showing of David Lynch’s latest movie, Inland Empire, at the Gartenbaukino, a wonderful cinema built in the 60s here in Vienna. What can I say? The movie lasts 3 hours. My ass hurts. The most frightening moment was furtively looking at my watch and seeing I had another […]

Nintendo and Apple to partner on games for iPhone

According to Nintendo and Apple are going to partner on games for the iPhone. Slightly surprising… but I can’t really get excited about it. Odd, and a bit sad, considering the brouhaha over the iPhone not having as powerful an SDK as people were hoping for.

Most Popular Quotes Overheard in New York

Here are the most popular quotes overheard in New York. Beware: it’s a major time sink, and it’s not safe for work. But it’s very, very funny.

Video games hidden in the grooves of LPs

BoingBoing has an interesting post about the time when software was encoded as audio and video games were hidden in the grooves of LPs. If nobody beats me to it I will blog about the 80s Dutch radio show that transmitted software, including games for the ZX Spectrum, over the airwaves.

Waterfall 2006 – International Conference on Sequential Development

If you know what the waterfall model for software development is, you might get a kick out of reading about Waterfall 2006 – International Conference on Sequential Development. It has tons of great tutorials by well-known software development experts – here is an excerpt: Take Control of Your Team’s Decisions NOW! by Ken Schwaber Avoiding […]