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Blizzard announces StarCraft 2

Blizzard announces StarCraft 2. You know. In case you missed it. Will there be a Mac version I wonder? Update: Will StarCraft II be available on Mac simultaneously with PC? As with all of Blizzard’s recent releases, StarCraft II will ship on both PC and Mac simultaneously. Uh-oh. Another update: To clarify my ‘uh-oh’: I […]

Former game developers sell web 2.0 company

Following on news that Naughty Dog’s founders Jason Rubing and Andy Gavin launched a web 2.0 company called Flektor, I now hear that MySpace intends to acquire them. MySpace will acquire Flektor, a just-launched service that allows users to create widgets from photos, video and text, according to two sources with knowledge of the deal. […]

Former Rockstar Games employee develops messiah complex

VIENNA, Austria — Almost exactly one year after the sudden closure of his workplace, former Rockstar Vienna employee Reinhard Schmid announces the release of the game “I Am Jesus”. Released as a free download for PC on the website of aptly-named Suicidal Entertainment, this may be the most offensive game since Postal. We cannot describe […]

Former game developers start web 2.0 company

Just caught this via TechCrunch: Naughty Dog founders Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin started a web 2.0 company called Flektor. It’s sorta kinda like YouTube, only with a stronger focus on quality content, and it has all of the hallmarks of a web 2.0 thing. (I didn’t look inside, I am waiting for them to […]

A year after Rockstar Vienna closed its doors

It’s now one year since Rockstar Vienna closed its doors. So what has happened since?

20+1 Useful OS X Tips

Another post that has nothing to do with the games industry, but I need to close the browser tab. Here is a list of 20 useful OS X tips by Chris Howard over at Apple Matters. I am not a hard-core Apple geek, but I am not a noob either – I didn’t know many […]

Gangsta rap from Guetersloh

Very few people are going to find this funny. But some of those people read this blog. Basically, if you don’t find the title of this post funny, you’re probably wasting your time reading the rest of this post.

Second Life: Europeans Outnumber Americans 3 to 1

Interesting news on TechCrunch: Europeans outnumber Americans 3 to 1 on Second Life. Ahhh what did you expect of those crazy Old Europe dudes with their liberal attitude towards sex. Maybe I should check out Second Life before it’s too late. I hear they have a Mac client.

A little meta-post

Games news is slow. Or rather, my reading of games news is slow. I am sure some news item will catch my eye in a while. In the mean time, here is a little meta-post with some fun info I recently found out about Intelligent Artifice.