Former game developers start web 2.0 company

Just caught this via TechCrunch: Naughty Dog founders Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin started a web 2.0 company called Flektor. It’s sorta kinda like YouTube, only with a stronger focus on quality content, and it has all of the hallmarks of a web 2.0 thing. (I didn’t look inside, I am waiting for them to add Safari support.)

This is the first time I heard of this – I didn’t even know Andy Gavin had left Naughty Dog. These are two very smart guys who always had a good feel for what people want. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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  1. Jason Kay wrote:

    Jurie – Thanks for the mention about Flektor. We’re working on optimizing Safari, and hoping that some rumoured Apple fixes will improve Flash’s slow performance in Safari. We love Macs and use ’em, so its important to us also. We recommend Firefox in the interim.


    Posted 14 May 2007 at 6:44
  2. Jurie Horneman wrote:

    Hi Jason. I saw the message on your site. I will check back in while – Firefox brings my Mac to a crawl.

    Posted 14 May 2007 at 9:49
  3. j wrote:

    can u guys make another jak and dextar game

    Posted 29 Jun 2007 at 18:04